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PC Setup Solution Services


We will setup your new PC and migrate all data and applications from your old PC.

Let us get your new computer up and running. Our trained experts will set up your computer and external components, get you connected to the Internet, set up your e-mail accounts and help with software installation. Now the only thing you have to do is turn it on.

Power Clean

  • Clean exterior of equipment
  • Remove debris from fan and other areas of PC

Computer Diagnostic

  • consultation and tech support (PC setup and virus / spyware removal not included)
  • Includes the connection of PC to the internet (If connection is not possible, session will end unresolved)

Premium Tune-Up

  • Update operating system for performance & security
  • Remove unwanted programs

Restore & Optimize

  • Reformat hard drive and restore operating system to factory settings
  • Remove trial-ware and clutter
  • Adjust operating system settings

Repair for PC

  • Repair software issues identified by Computer Diagnostic

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