Traditional IT Versus Modern IT

Traditional IT Versus Modern IT


Small businesses are upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Premium to support their mobile devices.

Businesses are moving from Traditional IT to Modern IT.

All of us are still using Traditional IT that was developed over 20 years ago with the following focus:

Single Device

Business Owned

Corporate Network & Legacy Apps




Today’s businesses have access to Modern IT that is designed to support mobility with the following focus:

Multiple Devices

User and Business Owned

Cloud Managed and SaaS apps




During the summer of 2020, Microsoft expanded their Microsoft 365 Business Premium solution to be a very complete Software as a Service package to bring small businesses with up to 300 devices to the Modern IT model.

We are very excited to offer small businesses Microsoft 365 Business Premium and to migrate them to the Modern IT model. You can expect Minimal Disruption during this migration, potentially Reduced IT costs, Maximum security, Maximum availability, Mobility support for Windows 10, android, iPhone, and Mac, Policies that control all aspects of Modern IT, and much more.

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